Reflections of Faith  A collection of inspirational dolls
LoreLi, Inc. is proud to announce the first doll in our “Reflections of Faith” collection of dolls. This innovative line of dolls and accompanying books is sure to be among the most desired toys for your daughters this Christmas season. The “Reflections of Faith” are stories of adolescent women living in exciting periods of history who reflect the faithful women portrayed in the Bible. We strive to give young girls a biblical worldview with fictional characters that they can relate to.
As Moms we understand how difficult it is to teach our young daughters morals and character traits in a world that teaches them the exact opposite. “Reflections of Faith” hasn't forgotten that our children live in a world full of impurity and sensuality. These beautifully crafted dolls are dressed in the garments of their biblical time. The accompanying books contain a ‘personal narrative’ of a woman from the bible and a story about a fictional namesake from another time period. Her story reflects the morals, values and character traits of the biblical woman taught in Holy Scripture. What a great way to introduce Holy Scripture to our children.
Check out our Christmas special and see why this new and innovative line of toys is a must have gift for any occasion!
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